As a third generation scoliotic child, with a moderate “S” curve, Nancy started floor exercise early in her life to keep her back and body strong.  After running track in high school and continuing on for several decades thereafter, she found that her maturing body yearned for a physical workout program without the repetitive impact to her spine.   

Nancy began practicing yoga in 2006 by watching the instructional yoga television series “Namaste Yoga”.   From there, she found an instructor whose style she enjoyed and attended yoga classes on a regular basis eventually deciding to pursue teacher training.

Her decision came at a critical point in her life.  After losing her beloved mother who had been her cheerleader through life, Nancy needed to find a way to restore her inner strength. Yoga has provided her a means to regain strength and improve balance in her life physically, mentally and spiritually.

Nancy grew up in Two Rivers, Wisconsin.  She earned a business degree from CNU and retired from NASA after 35 years with the Federal Government.   She is a wife and mother and currently resides in Gloucester with her very supportive husband, and two wonderful four-footed beings, a pug and mauzer.